TEL: (514) 345-1333

FAX: (514) 345-8225


GUARANTEE: Allesco guarantees all our products against manufacturing defects.

RESERVING STOCK: Our in-house system provides the opportunity to reserve stock in advance against confirmed orders, generally without any time limitations.

NEW STYLES: Allesco creates styles to meet the customer’s demands.

PRIVATE LABEL: Allesco custom makes products with our customers labelling on them

PRINTING ON GLOVES: Have your brand name printed on your products! We print, emboss or embroider the gloves themselves as well as create private label packaging.

ADS AND FLYERS: We provide promotional material in the form of graphically designed e-mails and hard printed flyers to go with the product.

POINT OF PURCHASE DISPLAYS: Allesco offers displays to promote the product at store level.

STORE SURVEYS: Allesco’s sales department does store surveys to enable us to judge and understand the growing changes and requirements in the marketplace.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Most importantly, we offer exceptional service to the customer by holding their hand from the initial product presentation through the delivery.