Gantelet en PVC vert de 14 po, doublé de flanelle, double trempage

UGS : 36-34WG Catégories: , Étiquettes: , , ,


Plomberie, Pêcheurs, Saleté

Description du produit

14″ GREEN PVC GAUNTLET Double dipped Water Proof gauntlet with insulated seamless liner. Flannel lining protects your hand from cold or hot items and it provides a comfortable feel. The double dip is a sandy finish to create a secure grip on the item you are holding and excellent abrasion resistance.
Double dipped PVC material Resists water, oil, solvents, paints and even some chemicals. The extra length allows for folding backwards the edge to protect you from falling liquids when raising your hands. Idéal pour Painting, Gardening, Outdoor Jobs, Working with Greasy items, Fisherman’s work, Handling Oily and Dirty Products.

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