Gantelet flexible en nitrile, finition sable

UGS : 36-83B-SF Catégories: , , Étiquettes: , , ,


Gants de pêcheur, Peinture, Jardinage, Manipulation de produits huileux et sales

Description du produit

NITRILE GAUNTLET, SANDY FINISH – This Nitrile glove is very comfortable and durable and is Double dipped. It is Water Proof, paint proof and oil proof. The Nitrile material does protect you from solvents and some chemical products as well. When you put your hand into this glove you feel the comfort!! The double dip has a sandy finish which creates a secure grip on the item you are holding. Idéal pour Fishermen’s work, Working easily with Heavy Greasy items, Painting, Gardening, Handling Oily and Dirty Products.

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